Saturday, September 29, 2012

Traffic bait (Sunday brunch: September 30, 2012)

If you got through this week's The Nation puzzle as quickly as I did, you'll probably want some more puzzles to get you through the weekend.  That's why the Sunday Brunch menu is actually posted Saturday morning.  This week we offer a tasting menu, with a sampler of different puzzle types.

Our New York Times variety puzzle is a diagramless by Fred Piscop lightly drawing on a theme.  Solution (it's fabulous traffic bait!) is below the fold.  Deb Amlen offers commentary at the Times crossword blog: Wordplay.

The Wall Street Journal has a Rows Garden by Patrick Berry.  I found it wasn't quite as hard as some of his previous editions.

And the comfort food for us cryptic solvers is the weekly Hex cryptic at the National Post, served this week at the drive-thru window.  Falcon's got it over at his blog.

And by the way, Cliff Johnson, developer of The Fool and His Money (see "At the Carnival") for more information has pushed back the release date yet again.  The program is scheduled to be published October 26.  Remember that even while we're still waiting for the full program, Cliff posts new cryptograms daily using his excellent Flash interface.

New York Times diagramless solution is below the fold.

New York Times diagramless crossword solution for September 30, 2012


  1. Where THIN and OLE cross incorrect. It's THINGS and OLEG.

  2. To the right of MIRED is TBA. The black squares where TBA is form the down words of SLEETIER (instead of SLEE and IER), TOWBOAT (instead of TOW and OAT), and SANTA (instead of A and NTA)

    This makes the puzzle symmetrical, by the way.


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