Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pun-filled afternoon (groaners)

I spent a little time today working on the WSJ straight crossword from a coupla Fridays ago: "Element of Surprise" by Myles Callum and Michael Blake.  Thought the theme would be fun, and it was.  (theme answers are below the fold if you want to see them).  I'll bet they started with 43d and looked for some others to go with it.

Besides the groaners in the theme answers, there were a lot of puns and other twisted clues like 56d–"it might make a lot": MACADAM (as in paving a parking lot).  So if you like the puns and anagrams style, try this one.

All the theme answers were common phrases to which the element "TIN" was added.

23a  biting brother  (big brother)
37a  stinky dive (sky dive)
64a  rating a muffin (ragamuffin)
91a  latin times (LA Times)
109a  French tinhorn (french horn)
17d  abstinent minded (absent minded)
43d  wee tinkly reader (Weekly Reader)

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