Sunday, January 6, 2013

New York Times "Puns and Anagrams" solution 1/6/13

Welcome NYT solvers!  Come back every week for Sunday brunch and try some of the other great cryptic crosswords out there.  We have hard ones like the variety cryptics, easy ones like the weekly cryptic at the National Post, and of course Hot and Trazom's puzzles from The Nation.

This one seemed a little harder than usual, but it takes me a while to switch gears for solving Puns and Anagrams.  You can feel like a dope when the answer (or the anagram) is in plain sight, as many of them are here.  If you need a hint, or want an explanation of how a clue is supposed to be parsed, or if you have a correction (I did this from a fuzzy copy), post in the comments below.

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