Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kneeing (WSJ solution: March 2, 2013)

Welcome, Wall Street Journal solvers.  The solution to this week's Marching Bands is below the fold.

I liked it since the Marching Bands format is conducive to steady progress, not like where you get one quadrant in a flash and then are completely stuck on another quadrant.  Rows 2 and 3 were the slow spot for me, but once I got 2r, we got right back into gear.

The title of the post came from the kneeing call I had last Sunday (I'd punned on "tripping" Thursday, which is different from tripping on puns).  I'm not one of those refs who can mentally replay an incident  in slow motion after seeing it: I have to rely on situational awareness to anticipate and watch the hit.  So with a minute or two to go, I saw a collision coming between the biggest player on the black team and the biggest player on the white team: white about to run into black.  Yet when it was over, the white player was down on the ice with the wind knocked out of him.  I realized that the black player had brought his leg up as he was about to get run into, and so while he didn't initiate the contact, he got the penalty. Kneeing is one of the calls that's so rare you have to look in the rulebook after the game to refresh your memory and make sure you got the interpretation right.  That might have been my second kneeing call in twenty years.

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