Saturday, May 18, 2013

Naan (Puzzle No. 3,284)

I enjoy Indian food, and we have some pretty good places to get it in the Philadelphia area.  Note however that none of them are on the Penn campus where I work, and none of the trucks offering Indian food are particularly good.

It may not be how everyone else does it, but my first criterion for judging an Indian restaurant is the breads.  If you don't like the first curry you try, maybe another one will be better, but if the bread is dry or tough or burnt, there really isn't a substitute.  Onion kulchas are my favorite, but naan is essential.

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Hozom's comment: "Coming and Going" in which Hot and Trazom field the slings and arrows that came their way after this clue:

Bread, upon reflection, is bread (4)

I didn't like it either (and I love naan).  I got the reversal part, but I was trying to find something relating to money in the backward bread.  Maybe it's that I've done too many Hex cryptics: Hex are partial to those kind of second definitions.    But reading the column and thinking more carefully about the clue, I can't fault it, like I could with last week's 12d.  The indicator is just fine: it's on me to remember that a reversal with the same definition as the straight definition could be a palindrome, and a cigar is just a cigar.

Solution and annotation on Monday (I think).  I wasn't stuck this time.


  1. Twenty down in #3283: agitato
    Same position in current Harper's: furioso.

    I always look for musical terms from Kosman, but not Maltby.

  2. Well it wouldn't be all that surprising considering that Maltby is a lyricist.

    One of the British traditions I'm very impressed by is how some constructors will create puzzles in tribute to other constructors: picking up a few of their stylistic features. Hot and Trazom did that: putting a nod to Frank Lewis in one of their first puzzles for The Nation.


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