Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Comment spam

This morning I deleted two new comments from the blog.  They appeared to be automated comment spam, intended to promote a site selling custom jigsaw puzzles.

I will not all ban links from comments, including links to commercial sites.  However, the links must be relevant to the topic of the blog (no ads for gold, for obvious instance), and they must be in the context of a comment genuinely relating to the post being commented on.  Comment spam generators try to evade automated filters by including words and phrases from the blog or by being so general (“Interesting post, wasn’t it?--Buy Gold Here”) that it can’t be filtered out by automated means.

Fortunately, this is a small blog, and I can manually moderate the comments without too much delay.  If you have a word puzzle site you’d like to announce to our readers, please e-mail me, and if it’s worth their time, I’ll even call it out in a post.  I’m happy to do this and help get constructors like Xanthippe and Nathan Curtis some more traffic.  Thanks for reading, and please be sure to visit our partners’ sites like Word Salad regularly.  They deserve our clicks and support.


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