Saturday, May 3, 2014

Catching up (Sunday brunch: May 4, 2014)

If there’s anything this weekend is notable for, it’s the lack of new cryptic and variety puzzles.  So I’m going to use my puzzling time to work on Cryptic All-Stars.

Tom Toce’s latest puzzle in Contingencies isn’t a cryptic, it’s his second annual Academy Awards sonnet: this one containing the anagrammed titles of 14 Best Picture nominees.

The Wall Street Journal weekend puzzle isn’t a cryptic: it’s an acrostic by Mike Shenk.

The New York Times variety puzzle isn’t a cryptic: it’s an acrostic by Hex.  (Puzzle behind the paywall, comments and spoilers at Wordplay).  Meanwhile, I can see that Deb is not a fencer: she illustrated a post on a puzzle themed “double-edged” with a couple of kids fencing épée, and you don’t get credit for using the edge in that weapon, you have to hit with the point.  Spearing, not slashing.

There are cryptics at the usual weekly Canadian sources: the National Post (Hex: blogged by Falcon, easy top and bottom 15s make this an easy solve) and the Globe and Mail (Fraser Simpson, I almost finished it).

Nothing new from the other regular sources either.  

Fancy a trip to the rock-bound coast?  The NPL has announced its annual gathering: MaineCon in Portland July 17-20.  The weather in New England is really nice in summer: you’ll solve puzzles and eat lobsters and clams by day, and sleep wonderfully soundly by night.

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  1. :) If you want to "sleep wonderfully soundly by night", don't come to the National Puzzlers' League convention, as it involves games and puzzles pretty much around the clock, including many cryptics composed for the occasion. Most of us go home extremely sleep-deprived at the end of those four-five days.


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