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Forty years ago this week (Puzzle No. 1,542)

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the 1974 puzzle.
As I mentioned below, The Nation has been kind enough to grant permission for me to republish a selection of Frank Lewis puzzles, most if not all of which have never been available online before.

This is a great opportunity for all kinds of solvers.  The ones who complain that Hot and Trazom’s puzzles are too hard are going to get some real brain-busters.  Those of us in the middle are going to improve our solving skills and gain confidence.  And even if you don’t get more than just a few of the answers without looking at the solution, the amusement value of seeing Lewis’s wordplay is great.

So here we go!  Below the fold is the Frank Lewis cryptic published in The Nation 40 years ago this week: June 15, 1974.  Click here for a printable PDF version.

I’m going to transcribe these as they were published, typos and all (in this puzzle, some of the enumerations were missing, along with a cross-reference at 6 across, which is clued with 5 down).  Looking at the full page from the magazine, I’d guess at least some of that was for space reasons.

Crossword Puzzle No. 1,542          Frank W. Lewis
Copyright ©1974 The Nation.  Republished with permission.

1     One doesn’t live in the country, but right in 18 down. (10)
10   There’s no tar mixture in 1 across to make reparations. (7)
11   The purpose in payment for use in clothing? (7)
12   They evidently don’t easily pass on a reddish blend (3-5)
13   The father of the Centaurs is nine to one on! (5)
15   They’re said to be comparatively plain, when one of the faces is yours. (5)
17   Plan these, perhaps, and they may not be naturally the white or pink variety.
19   Celeste, possibly, is not necessarily responsible for heart failure. (5,4)
21   Would one show puppy love?  It’s a matter of opinion! (5)
23   Evidently someone didn’t know where it used its stinger. (5)
24   Instructions to stop, or to continue, if you’re the operator. (3,2,3)
27   It comes from the Islands of Langerhans (7)
28   One must love what he does (7)
29   Language which to a relatively small number could be poetic. (4)
30   Henry Clay labeled it a trust. (10)
1 and 25          Looks like what someone in the bridal party might have to bear, perhaps accompanied with a headache. (9)
2     Soft drink and desserts might combine as a possible source of a drug problem. (7)
3     The contents of Iago’s purse, evidently.
4     Where Wilde looked for a VIP, frankly. (2,7)
5 and 6 across  Uncovers something in mah-jongg which might prove to be an entrancing revolver. (9)
7     One from Lisbon or Madrid, possibly.
8     It might prove no worse than crow, if one does. (3,4,3)
9     Angled around in whatever might be done. (8)
14   A rather indefinite date set for an unspecified religion some people ask for. (3,3,4)
16   Putting something ideally, one would do the first part to the ball in the last part, but it might be dirty. (8)
18   Enlarge, perhaps. (9)
20   They might hold water, but one can see through them. (7)
22   Swiss cheese? (7)
24   Take advantage of travel in Africa? (5)
25   See 1 down.
26   Crib, more logically associated with a pony. (4)
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