Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wall Street Journal hint grid: August 2, 2014

Below the fold is a hint grid for this weekend’s Wall Street Journal puzzle: Double or Nothing by Patrick Berry.  The hint grid makes the puzzle very easy, so before you resort to it, write down the answers you’ve got, two letters at a time, and look through them for uncommon pairs.  If you see the same pair in both an an across answer and a down answer, see if they intersect.  If they do, you know where that pair goes.

Once you have some pairs in place, you may be able to figure out that some spaces have to be blank because you have the first or last pair already in place.  Put a dot in those boxes as a reminder, and you may then have some more words with the right number of spaces and no more blanks remaining.

One more hint before you resort to the grid.  Click and drag over the text below to see the two answers that use all their spaces.  There are no blanks in those spaces.
First answer with no blanks: [42 across]
Second answer with no blanks:  [25 down]

Once you’re done, please peruse the Sunday brunch menu for more puzzles, including cryptics, diagramless, and more.

Hint grid for Wall Street Journal puzzle 8/2/2014

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