Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lid lifter (Sunday brunch: September 6, 2014)

The latest USA Hockey magazine has an feature on the American Development Model: our governing body’s program for age-appropriate training, and a sidebar asking whether some youth teams are playing too many games in a season.  I do think some teams are playing too many games, but that won’t stop me from taking a ref assignment on the first weekend of September.  A good skate in a game that wasn’t too difficult, cash on the spot, and a story I’ll share Monday.  The rest of the season should be like this.

Puzzle season doesn’t take a break, but you can keep the pastime from becoming a chore by trying some new kinds of puzzles.  How about a Brit-style cryptic such as LizR’s latest or the hybrid British/Canadian cryptic in the Globe and Mail?

Hex have two cryptics for us: straight in the National Post (blogged by Falcon) and variety in the Wall Street Journal.  They also have their bi-weekly acrostic in the New York Times (blogged with spoilers by Deb Amlen).  Deb also invited her former Times colleague, political reporter Matt Bai, to blog the Sunday puzzle.  The variety cryptic is of medium difficulty: a little harder than some of their other WSJ puzzles.  Nothing unfair or anything, but it took me a little longer to find the theme.

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  1. Hey Braze: would you pop over to the WSJ puzzle forum and weigh in on the discussion about 1A? We are wondering what type of clue it is and you're the resident expert (wherever you live!)


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