Saturday, January 17, 2015

Up all night? (Puzzle No. 3,351)

Link to puzzle:

Degree of difficulty (by standards of this weekly puzzle): moderate to hard

Hozom’s comment: Many Puzzles in One, in which Hot and Trazom call our attention to the growing number of puzzle extravaganzas.  These are sets of multiple puzzles (which may or may not be the same type of puzzle), where each solution contributes a piece to a final puzzle (usually involving some story or theme).  Do it in person, take away sleep, and you have a Puzzlehunt (like the MIT Mystery Hunt which is happening this weekend).

The puzzle extravaganza isn’t as new a concept as you might think: Cliff Johnson created some famous computer games in the 80’s (starting with the extraordinary “The Fool’s Errand”) that we would now recognize as extravaganzas.  And as far as I can tell, there’s no one constructor who lays claim to introducing the extravaganza; in fact several use the term for some of their projects, and they all seem to be welcoming each others’.

Cluing challenge (at Word Salad): MULTIPLE

Back with the solution and annotation Monday.

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