Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fast ice (New York Times solution: February 3, 2013)

Welcome New York Times solvers.  Below the fold of this post is the solution to Paula Gamache's diagramless puzzle from today's NYT magazine (caution: link contains starting square hint).

I usually don't have too much trouble with these puzzles, and today was no different.  I even guessed the starting square correctly and early on.  My game this afternoon felt like that.  A good partner, sportsmanlike players despite the game being one-sided (Raiders won 4-1, and it could easily have been 10-1), easygoing coaches, and very fast ice.  With the sustained cold weather, the ice at most of the rinks around here gets colder and harder.  As long as your skates are sharp, it's easy to skate fast.  Plus the ice doesn't get rutted up, so it's easy to turn and pivot on (we refs pivot and change directions a lot).   You have to push hard to get through soft ice, and the ruts wear down your ankles and knees.  So the game was more of a 90 minute aerobic session for me: easiest game of the year.

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Untitled (diagramless)
constructed by Paula Gamache
solved by Braze

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