Saturday, February 9, 2013

Throw Patrick some coin (Sunday brunch: February 10, 2013)

Two-acrostic brunch this weekend, but there's more for you to solve.  Once you've polished off those puzzles, come join me in Project Sondheim.

The Wall Street Journal has a timely acrostic celebrating the centennial of a great American landmark.

The weekend puzzle at the New York Times (behind the paywall) is also an acrostic.  Deb Amlen will have comments from Hex over at Wordplay.

Needing to get away from the wintry weather?  The National Post cryptic by Hex is a birdwatching visit to the seashore, and is blogged as usual by Falcon.

Elsewhere in the puzzling world, Patrick Berry has posted a new Rows Garden.  He's been busy with more than that though.  There's also a new app Patrick is offering called Eye Rollers (have you tried it? share your impressions in the comments), plus a virtual book of new puzzles called The Crypt.  He's using Kickstarter to raise money for this project.  This is a promising model for making it worth people's while to create cryptics: very few publications are willing to publish and pay for them (we should be grateful that The Nation is one of them).  New constructors can use the web to publish free puzzles and build a following, then use Kickstarter or a similar service to make some money from their work.

About the time you finish Patrick's project, Trip Payne will be readying his Extravaganza 2013.  It'll be a mix of word puzzles, but there's also a huge (25 x 25) cryptic among the bonus puzzles you can get along with your registration, plus a meta-puzzle which could win you $100.00.

I'm going to pitch in this weekend.  How about you?

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