Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cluing challenge (July 10, 2014): NAT HENTOFF

Hot and Trazom frequently work names into their cryptic crosswords, both in clues and in answers.  I like that idea, since it’s a source for fresh wordplay.  Dedicating a post to Nat Hentoff becomes a pretty easy choice when you start looking at all the cluing possibilities.

How would you clue NAT HENTOFF?


  1. Jazz writer's into marijuana then toffee.

    Free speech advocate begins naively then connects to loud following

    Music columnist starts napping then takes time off

  2. Bent added (on a different post):
    >>Are you going to enter clues? Don't let the fact that this is your blog stop you.

    Yes. I've got a real good one but I can't make it work yet. Needs an insertion or deletion to make the anagram work.

  3. Also in the so close, yet so far department, we have a town near Reading PA called Wyomissing, but it's too unfamiliar to go into a puzzle, unless Hex decide to theme something for a local publication (which they could—east and central Pennsylvania have some great place names).

    W. Va., Wisc., ____ (10)


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