Saturday, July 5, 2014

New York Times solution: July 6, 2014

Below the fold is the solution to this weekend’s New York Times variety puzzle, a straight cryptic by Richard Silvestri.  If you want explanations of any of the answers, just ask in the comments.

Once you’re done, why not stick around for Sunday brunch.  Many more cryptics and other puzzles on the menu this week: so many that they’re being served up early.

Solution to New York Times cryptic crossword: 7/6/2014


  1. It should read CALIBER above. You're thinking of Excalibur, the sword.

  2. Could you help explain DESPERADO? Thanks

    1. DE(SP)ER ADO SP ("Spanish") contained in ("enters") DOES ("deer") + ADO ("hustle")

      I like it other than "hustle" for ADO. I would have used something like "scuffle" or "scrap."


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