Monday, October 8, 2012

From whence "In the Pink"

Among the tags you can search this blog on is "In the Pink."  It tags those posts referencing the Financial Times crossword, which is free and easy to download daily.  I happen to get it on paper courtesy of the office next to mine, so I get it in all its pink glory.

Now comes a color specialist who tells us that the FT isn't pink, it's "bisque."  Instead of tagging the posts "In the Pink," I should be tagging them "In the Soup."  That sounds about right considering the typos I made that were called out in the comments recently.  Go take a look in case you ever wondered why the FT is printed on pink paper.

I've never refereed a team in pink, which happens to be in fashion on some soccer and football fields this month, but since the 90s expansions of the NHL, I've seen teams in teal, that purplish maroon of the Anaheim Ducks, and one (The Battalion) in camouflage.  But when I'm on the ice, I have about a four-bit color depth (16 colors), like an old Apple II.  No way will I be ever calling a penalty on teal: it's blue to me.

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