Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wall Street Journal Saturday puzzle solution

These seem to be popular, so I'll post the solution to today's Wall Street Journal puzzle, "Connect the Dots" below the fold.  This was a little harder than the typical Hex variety cryptic, but I managed to finish it in one shot with no recourse to Google, though I'd never seen 7d before.

As someone pointed out in the WSJ comments, Hex managed to get rotational symmetry into this grid.  Nice piece of construction.

While you're here, please take a look around.  There's a new cryptic crossword in The Nation every week, plus a weekend roundup of cryptic and variety puzzles served for Sunday brunch.  Bookmark us and come back soon!

"Connect the Dots" by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
Wall Street Journal, October 6, 2012

The acrostic from the numbered spaces reads: "Louis Braille  bas-relief."  
Kind of goes with 1a from this week's The Nation puzzle

Answers are in clue order, letter that goes in numbered space capitalized
1d  tittLe
1a  Landed
2d  olsO
2a  knOt
3a  indUct
4a  epIdemic
5a  tenorSax
6d  theBes
7a  aRgots
7d  Repine
8a  grAnge
9d  coddlIng
10d  Luxor
10a  easeL
11a  veiL
11d  oLds
12a  geysEr
12d  menacE
13a  Bigot
13d  Brier
14d  megAton
14a  disAble
15a  Snore
15d  averS
16a  edgaR
16d  cheeR
17a  grousE
17d  tEnter
18a  orLy
18d  Loco
19d  guInness
20d  Egad
20a  tEll
21d  beFore


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    1. Your answer list is correct, but your solution box still has a typo - check the square that's down 2, over 2 - the "A" should be an "E"

    2. Oops - never mind! you were quicker than I was!

    3. Yep. I recognized the typo in the grid when I did the answer list.

  2. 19d should be Guinness - two s's.


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