Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Wednesday? (Puzzle No. 3,262)

If the stores can open a day early for Black Friday (I'm not going anywhere near the stores), The Nation can post Hot and Trazom's puzzle early.

Link to puzzle

Hozom's comment: "Lassie, Get Help!" in which Hot and Trazom plug this humble blog and some other tools to bookmark.  Don't be bashful about requesting a hint, or feel you'll get a spoiler.  The usual practice is for first hints on a particular clue to be oblique: maybe a tip that the obvious parsing of that clue happens to be the wrong one or that the definition is not a mainstream one.  If you're still stuck, we'll lead you a little closer but still try and make sure you get the satisfaction of finding the answer and the wordplay.

For what it's worth, I haven't had to resort to the anagram server or crossword helper in the last month or so, which means I haven't been doing very many FT cryptics or other murderous puzzles.  I do sometimes use Google to verify that some odd definition I think I've gotten is correct.

Solution and annotation will be published Monday.  See you this weekend for Sunday brunch.

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