Saturday, November 10, 2012

Remembrance Day (Sunday brunch: November 11, 2012)

No particular words of wit or wisdom here today, just a moment of silence in the middle of what's been a tough month for a lot of people.

The New York Times has a diagramless this week, constructed by Paula Gamache (is that the best headshot of a constructor or what?) with an obvious theme and a few words of crosswordese needed to fit it together.    But in keeping with the The Nation puzzle this week, it's a breezy solve too.  Just what I needed after slogging my way through a particularly bad manuscript I had to review Friday.  Deb Amlen enjoys Paula's work too.  The solution is below the fold.

Those of you who came for the solution, come have a look around.  We have several interesting crosswords for you each weekend in Sunday Brunch, plus solutions and commentary on the weekly cryptic crosswords in The Nation, posted each Thursday.  Bookmark us and share your thoughts in the comments.

Over at the Wall Street Journal, puzzle editor Mike Shenk makes his own contribution: one of his Labyrinth variety puzzles.  Initial reports are it's a breeze too.  That is to say, once you get the full puzzle displayed and printed.  While the Journal has a wonderful Java app for their acrostics, the crosswords get posted using the service, which just doesn't get along with some browsers.  Click up to the main WSJ puzzle link and select the PDF version if you're having trouble.breeze

Will the Cox and Rathvon cryptic in the National Post be a breeze?  I'd bet a cup of coffee it will.  Falcon will tell us whether you can finish the puzzle before you finish that coffee.

New York Times variety crossword solution
November 12, 2012
Diagramless by Paula Gamache


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