Friday, September 6, 2013

Wall Street Journal solution: September 7, 2013

Do not finish reading this post.  The puzzle is not nearly as hard as it looks at first.  If you can get a small number of the answers, you will have enough of a toehold to place them and get started.  As some other commenters mentioned, the enumerations of each pair of answers narrow down the possibilities considerably, and if you know where the key letter is in both parts of a pair, you almost certainly can place them.  So go try it first before running to me for help.  I want my cryptic teenagers to be able to trust in their independence.

I’ve also given you a set of hints that you can click and drag over if you really need help.  But in case you’re really that obtuse (or untrusting of your cryptic skills), the full solution is below the fold.

So go ahead and solve this without my help.  And then if you do, I’ll give you dispensation to brag in the comments.

Solution to this weekend’s Wall Street Journal puzzle: “Alphabet Soup” by Cox and Rathvon

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