Saturday, June 29, 2013

Making the Wall Street Journal puzzle more challenging

Hex have a variety cryptic in this weekend's Wall Street Journal.  As printed, it's very easy.  Want a harder challenge?  Take away the enumerations from the clues and take away the locations of the special squares, and try it that way.

4 Hack a directory for conspirator
10 Fifty equals a number having flexibility
11 Musician is in love with droid
12 Leaped after the leader made the calls
13 Spool of yarn mostly going up and down
14 Mastermind in Greene novel
15 Republican club outside a capital in North Africa
16 Many a standard situationat a fully booked inn?
17 House left empty by mid-October
19 Crackpot toiling over a carving
22 Gang holding a Biblical kingdom
24 Young socialite took in campaign event
25 A bakery choice pronounced wrong  
26 Part Fitzgerald intended for audiences
28 Trial alternative: settlement
29 Crowd circling Oregon swamp
30 Measure all but the stern of Columbian boat
31 Two companies performing a Ron Howard movie
32 In no hurry taking eggs back?

1 Smooth kind of shot by tonsillitis doc
2 Some biscuits I'm baking for an animated cat
3 Snake I call ambitious  
5 Homes for a bard's first poetry
6 Morning test lacking ethics
7 One supporter behind large sign
8 Cocktail time embraced by lounge performer
9 High fashion, in the opinion of a Wild West sidekick
13 Live dance maintaining an unsafe pitch
17 Enron log tampered with part in aircraft construction
18 Line that's painful in figure of speech
20 Three hemming at mutual pact
21 Consider again about skinny kid's face
22 Charted the comeback of actor Johnny America
23 Wild animal urge breaks up laughter
24 GOP foe backing no evil person
27 Kinky item to download in New York

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