Thursday, June 6, 2013

Puzzles for freedom (Puzzle No. 3,286)

Well, not quite puzzles, but he sure deserves honorary citizenship in the puzzlers' republic.

Zeynep Tufekci of technosociology:
  • Perhaps one of the most striking attempts to pierce and criticize the veil of censorship on Turkish media came from a Quiz show host whose “Guess the Word” program airs. As citizens of Turkey watched with their jaws on the floor (and many standing up and clapping in front of their TV sets according to my social media feeds), he asked his quests to guess words such as “resistance,” “censorship,” twitter”, “tear gas”, and more. He finished his 70 questions with questions whose answers were “resign” and apologize.
    The next day, he was not allowed to air live and his fate remains uncertain.
God bless him and his fellow Turkish citizens.
Meanwhile, The Nation readers are puzzling for money.  Number 3,286 has lots of clues involving money from different countries.  The clues are on the hard side but the theme helps limit some of the wordplay and give you another way to attack a clue.

Link to puzzle:

Degree of difficulty (by standards of this weekly puzzle): hard.  I found the initial toehold in the lower right quadrant.

Hozom's comment:  "This Post Is Not About Itself," in which Hot and Trazom add the "self-reference clue" to our field guide.  They don't use those kind of clues often because they think they're too easy, but misdirection can be particularly effective when applied to a real easy clue, because it can catch solvers trying to outwit the puzzle [guilty as charged].

Hot and Trazom say clues with deliberate errors are their favorite subspecies, but I don't concur: those clues are too trite for me.

See you back here this weekend for Sunday brunch: we'll have a new source of variety puzzles to introduce.  

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