Monday, June 24, 2013

Plan C (Sunday brunch June 23, 2013)

Sometimes you just need to have a backup plan to your backup plan.  I thought we were all set.  On the way back to the hotel after my mother's birthday party Saturday, I spotted an IHOP right next to the parkway on-ramp.  We'd sleep in, stop there for brunch, and get right on the way home.

We pulled in Sunday morning.  A few people outside, but it didn't look crowded inside.  Perfect.  We got out of the car, walked up, and one of the outside people, who was in an IHOP uniform, told us the restaurant wasn't open yet: the grand opening would be Tuesday.  Plan B was the other IHOP on US 1.  Drive over there, see a dozen people outside waiting for a table.  At that point, nobody wanted to wait, so we grabbed bagels and coffee and got up the road.  We made another stop three hours later, and there was no question what we'd order: pancakes, eggs, bacon, biscuits, french toast.  If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Puzzles were (mostly) easier this weekend.

The New York Times has a straight cryptic by Rosalie Moskovitch.  The solution is below the fold.  Deb Amlen was on her vacation, so Thomas Gaffney has comment at Wordplay.  I was not all that impressed.

The Wall Street Journal has a Spell Weaver variety crossword by Mike Shenk.  They added bars to the grid, sacrificing aesthetics in the interest of making it easier for solvers to figure out where to put the answers.  Interestingly, I got most of the lower half before making much in the way of inroads on the upper half.  Usually I start with a bunch of answers scattered through the grid.

Falcon is still on vacation, so he has a temporary post for the National Post puzzle.  You'll be seeing stars after you finish it, and it's not because it's difficult.  Seeing as how Falcon gave me my first crossword blogging gig, I'll put a quick solution up in the comments there as soon as I find my copy of the puzzle

Nathan Curtis's latest deserves its own post, so I'll blog on that Thursday.

Solution to New York Times variety puzzle, June 23, 2013.

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