Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I believe in giving thanks and credit to those who make this blog and our shared passion and pastime possible, so allow me to put these recognitions first.  I want to thank:
  • Hot and Trazom, for all the effort and creativity going into their puzzles, and for being evangelists for our pastime.
  • The Nation, for carrying on with their puzzle page at a time when their peers on left and right gave theirs up, and for giving Hot and Trazom a regular gig and wider exposure.
  • Frank Lewis (RIP), for his long and loyal service to the field and to his country.
  • Falcon, for welcoming me to the crossword blogging fraternity and helping get this blog started.
And also (in no particular order)
  • Hex, Richard Maltby, WillZ, Kegler, the contributors to the New Yorker cryptic (RIP), the contributors to the FT cryptic, the contributors to the NPL book, and all the others who've constructed cryptic crosswords: none of this is possible without you.
  • The Other Dr. Mitchell, for granting me the time to blog.
  • Philadelphia Distilling Company, for Bluecoat Gin; and Old City Coffee, for Decaf Continental Blend.

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