Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Game Plan

Here's the game plan for this forum: we'll give it a try, see how it works, and tinker with it as necessary.  Part of the plan is based on the nicely active puzzlers forum over at the Wall Street Journal where the community has developed some unwritten ground rules.

I'll try and post the puzzle link once it's up, which usually is Thursday.  That will open up the comment space where you can post your brags, feedback, and hint requests.  I would prefer that those of you providing hints try and give the minimum information needed to get your fellow solver on track, so as not to spoil the experience for everyone else.

Come Monday, the hints can be more direct.  I'll post my solution and commentary about a week after the puzzle is up.

Along the way, I'll also give you a weekly set of links to other new puzzles of note, in order to make this your first stop each weekend; and post occasional commentaries from the solver's world.

Sound all right?  If not, let me know!


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If you're responding to a hint request, please remember not to give more information than necessary. More direct hints are allowed after Monday.