Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two for one sale (Sunday Brunch: July 22, 2012)

by the way, no new puzzle this week, The Nation published a double issue last week 

This weekend, the Times gives us a straight block cryptic by Richard Silvestri.  No theme or extras, and nothing too rewarding in the cluing—just plain hard.

The August issue of Harpers is online: Richard Maltby's latest is a sixes, sevens, and twelves.  Hard as usual—haven't finished it yet.

Hex comes two for the price of one in the National Post, thanks to a mix-up last week.  Falcon has solutions and commentary.

The Wall Street Journal offers a "Honeycomb" variety non-cryptic by editor Mike Shenk.  Commenters say they have had trouble printing the puzzle from the HTML page, so instead you should go to the main blog page at and then select "Download PDF version."  You could call this one an "honorary cryptic" since all the clues have a definition hidden in them.  It's also pretty easy, so this is a good puzzle for your friends who'd like to get started in the world of cryptics.  They'll get the satisfaction of solving the puzzle plus the surprise of finding how the clue works.

Any other puzzles you'd like to bring to our attention?

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