Saturday, July 28, 2012

Get back in here and solve! (Sunday Brunch: July 29, 2012)

Got this week's Nation puzzle solved already?  Thought you were going to have a weekend free to do things like mow the lawn instead of indulging your puzzle obsession?  Think again... 

I'm writing this post Friday night, but I can already guess the theme of Hex's cryptic in the National Post.  Falcon will have the solution and commentary for you.  He says it's an easy puzzle, so you can go back and finish last week's TImes cryptic when you're done.  Update: I told you I could guess the theme.  I didn't tell you I could guess right...

Like acrostics?  You get two this week.
  • Hex as usual in the New York TImes.  Wordplay has the usual comments from the constructors.
  • Mike Shenk set the one in the Wall Street Journal.  Initial reviews are quite favorable.  For some reason, their convenient Java applet isn't working, so visit and then select "Download PDF version."  Update: the Java version is back: solvers cheer (and hear cheers).
Finish those and then get back to the lawn!

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